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Friday, October 29, 2010

papercuts are addictive.

No Joke. they are totally consuming. This one was a bit of an experiment, I love the japanese Koi and I wondered if it would translate into a papercut well. I'm undecided about this one, but it was so much fun! I went for coffee this morning at the Vancouver (they have lots of toys - a must with a little one) and Sue Codee's exhibition there is already up! Her work is amazing, I especially like the 'flock' of papercut birds massing over one wall. her work is gigantic, too, the logistics involved in a massive papercut boggle my mind.
I came home all inspired and this is the fruit of my labour. I was really unhappy with how the main back fin came out (is it a dorsal fin?) so I lopped and scraped and shaved bits off and now I like it. It was a bit like trying to draw a perfect circle freehand...I was afraid I'd end up just cutting the whole thing off. Also I was excited to try this semi 3-d effect
with the scales but I'm so glad I did. How are works like
this framed?

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