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Thursday, November 25, 2010

funny birds and bread

I just love birds, what can I say? And this one is sooo fricken cute! And ribbons and bows! I could just die from cuteness overdose on this one. Can you tell? Its really a great feeling when you make something that gives you cute overdose, I'm sooo pleased it came out the way it did.
I did something I've always wanted to do today: I made bread. two gigantic loaves of pan de yema which is a sweetish, buttery bread a bit like brioche, I guess. Its pan de muerte with no aniseed. (thats mexican day-of-the-dead bread to you and me) And it worked! its amazing! its like this ordinary, everyday miracle, the dough is all
sticky and gross and then you kneed the be-jesus out of it, and then - WOW - it rises! and you punch it down and it rises again! and then in the oven it turns into bread. Thanks to my incredibly talented and amazing friend and her bread-making tribe for planting that little seen in my brain. I even took some photos of the bread to post here, but it turns out my photos of my bread are kind of boring, who'd have believed it?

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