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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Benja harney is my hero

So a while ago I go a brand spankin' new issue of yen mag and in it was a little artical about Mr Benja Harney ( I cut it out and stuck it on my corkboard and thought 'I should google that dude' forward like, three months or something and I finally got around to it, and his site/sculptures/creations/paper-madness have totally blown my tiny mind! He describes himself as a paper engineer and creates pop-up books, scuptures, amazing displays for shop windows (hermes even!) and also stuff for advertising. His work is amazing, inspirational, a total delight. why oh why didn't I google him earlier? After reading and reading and drooling over his work I felt so full of creative energy/paper lust, it was such a great feeling. Thanks Benja.

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