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Sunday, August 14, 2011

I am - actually - quite insane

this is how I spent the hour between 6:30am and 7:30am two days ago. rewiring my telly. It started to make funny electrical-type hissing noises every time I turned it on or off, and finally it just wouldn't do either, so, being a responsible kind of gal I rang the telly repairman. This is what happened:

me: 'I think there is a short in the on/off switch'

man: 'oh I dont think so love, not many tellys have them any more.'

me: 'But mine does, I'm looking at it and I'm sure there is a short in it, because when I toggle it, it makes electrical short noises.'

man: 'oooooh. well, like I say love, I dont think so, not many tellys have a simple on/off assembly any more, they have a little chip in them, it it wakes up the bigger computer inside.'


[I hang up]

all ideas of being reponsible aside, I wake up, make tea, and go right on and open my telly. I bypass the on/off switch assembly, tape it up, screw it back together, and voila! suck on that telly repairman! call me love! I have a telly that works!

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  1. You are bloody brilliant - stickin' it to da man!!