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Monday, October 25, 2010

paper skeletons

I love this papercut! I called it Lady Grey, I'm very heavily influenced by dia de los muertos imagery, my husband is a big fan of the celebration, and mexico in general - we spent 6 weeks there for our 'luna de miel' (honeymoon) - so our house is chocka-block full of masks, la calaveras, papel picado...etc etc. Anyway, I love the contrast between the little girl with pointy shoes and la calaveras having un taza de te. I think I will do more skeletons....Speaking of papel picado, you can find some awesome custom ones here on etsy. I'm thinking of doing some Katerinas which are the skeleton of a rich old lady in a big hat, first made popular by Jose Posada. she's pretty awesome, I can tell ya.
Yetserday was beautiful down here, I took Ruby-Mae to a cafe and we spent a long time lingering over our drinks and was hot and sunny and windy...a perfect day!

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