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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

a rainy day

Welcome to the house of Sick. Ruby had the chickenpox vaccination the other day, and what do you know? She now has chickenpox. I, on the other hand, have a more run-of-the-mill cold. So I was up pretty early this morning with a grumpy, teary, feverish two-year-old, and while she enjoyed dora the explorer and rubbed banana into the couch, I made this! It looks white here but she's actually on very pale greenish paper, I think she would look good mounted onto something other than black. Below you can see her half finished. Now my kitchen is covered in tiny slivers of paper that look like fingernails. I guess I have a date with the hoover...

Am very excited, went to the hardware shop today and got me some tiny circular punches a la elsita They are something called 'nail punches' so I hope they work. The downside is I can't try them out because the teeny toddler is sleeping. Boo! I also can't try them out first thing in the morning because the grumpy-in-the-morning-husband will be sleeping. Boo!

Thats all for today, the sicky kid is awake

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