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Sunday, December 26, 2010

I have been busy making papercuts....

...but not busy blogging so here are some pics of my latest three creations...

i'm finding it really hard to make blogger insert these pictures predictably, does anyone else get that problem? Anyway, I'm really in love with this little calavera above, he's so cute.
We had such a beautiful christmas with my husbands aunt, very relaxed and mellow, just lots and lots of delicious food and fun for the kids. Magic. My little girl is mesmerised by her favourite present, an amazing pooping penguin - a windup toy that poops out little brown cola treats.... delightful! And, I got a gorgeous book from M: the Black Apple's Paper Doll Primer it's filled with a delicate kind of sweet radness. You can order it from fishpond. I'm dithering about cutting it up and playing with the dolls until they become dog-eared and (inevitably in this house) scribbled on, or leaving them pristine and just looking at them and imagining all the little plays I could put on....I believe dithering is one of my best skills....
I did have awesome pictures of our christmas tree which was - for a gloriously limited time - a giant decorated cactus, but they werre blurry and terrible. It had to come down because it has grown very much and quickly so it is huge and fat on top and skinny and woody at the base... needless to say it got a bit top heavy with all the decs and began to wobble at the slightest bit of breathing nearby. A quick visit to a friend secured us a darling little woolly bush and all went off without a hitch, or a prickle!

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