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Sunday, December 19, 2010

new cuts, and holiday thoughts

ahhhhhh! home at last from holidays and free from visitors....its lovely to see family and friends and to catch up but my, I just love being at home with all my lovely things and where my time is my own. I haven't done a papercut for 2 whole weeks and while physically I'm exhausted (holidays with small kids aren't holidays for the parents - did you know that? I never realised until I had one of my own) creatively I'm feeling super refreshed and inspired. I have so many ideas and they are flopping around inside my head like deranged bats - nowhere to go until I get some time!
So, the holiday was great until our two-year-old decided she'd had enough of unfamiliar faces and cracked it at our friend's house while M had only half his hair cut. Couldn't take the car cause then M would be stranded. Couldn't take the train because then it would be at lease an hour till we got back and I was too scared that rabid child would go apeshit the whole way. Suddenly, our lovely and generous friend offered us a lift all ther way back to freo. what an amazing person! we made it safe and sound and in one piece. Thank god for friends!
The day after we arrived home my parents showed up, they spent just under a week with us, and it was a pleasure. they left yesterday, towing the little round-cornered caravan back to margaret river.
Visiting and being visited is great, but like my husbands 80-something year old Nona said when we saw her in perth, "I like to stay at home"...

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