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Friday, December 3, 2010


So I was pottering around in the vegie garden the other day
and I was thinking about just how far from nature we have strayed...I mean, I have vegies that I grow and eat, and a garden that I enjoy spending time in, I love going to parks and the beach, and I grew up camping. but somehow I feel like I'm not as close to the natural world as I used to be.

So I was inspired to make this papercut, she's a person who is really in touch with nature and the natural world, I think.

I'm thinking I should open a shop at madeit, it being the all australian version of etsy....there are sooo many beautiful papercuts on etsy, but hardly any on stay tuned.

IN other news, we are going on holiday! to perth! to rello bash! hurrah! I cant wait. I think I may have mentioned it before so perhaps its not news. so anyway, this here blog will be very quiet next week...but when we come back I will be inspired, I can tell!

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